During Het Erfgoedfestival over grenzen van Gelderland from the 23rd of Mai till the 22nd of Juli 2018, SKAUHYTT will function as an artist in residence. The location of this project is Het Kunstgemaal in Bronckhorst (NL). Every week a new artist will take residence in the cabin and work from with the limited luxury and nature's rhythm as a foundation.

Follow their adventures and experiences at www.skauhytt.com, our Instagram and Facebook.

Every week a new participant will be posted here:

Our resident this week is Kira Fröse.

Our resident last week was Jeroen Kuster.

The resident from the 30th of May till the 3rd of June was Aalt van de Glind.

The resident from the 23rd till 27th of May was Melle Nieling.