In February 2017 I returned to SKAUHYTT in Trondheim Norway, this time together with a filmcrew to document the work.

This documentation resulted in the film WALDEN.

In WALDEN the location of the Bymarka forest next to Trondheim is highlighted to showcase the relationship that originates in the periphery of the forest and the city, the fjord and the distant mountains.

WALDEN has been nominated for the TENT Academy Awards 2017 and has been shown several times during De Kunstavond in KINO in Rotterdam and at the Media Art Festival in Leeuwarden.

http://www.ole.wtf/files/gimgs/th-52_OFFICIAL SELECTION - Short Cut - 2017.jpg
http://www.ole.wtf/files/gimgs/th-52_OFFICIAL SELECTION - Istanbul International Architecture and Urban Film Festival - 2017.jpg
http://www.ole.wtf/files/gimgs/th-52_OFFICIAL SELECTION - Minikino Monthly Screening  Discussion - 2018.jpg