With the goal of discovering the aesthetics of visualising sound Lissajou is a work in progress that had has had it's first iteration presented in Heimdal Norway during EXOBROCA.

Lissajou allows the user to control 3 oscillators that control a speaker which steers a mirror reflecting a laserbeam. The resulting visual representation of the syngergy of the oscillators is projected in front of the user upon a projector screen.

Through the control panel users can turn each of the 3 oscillators on or off and tune their pitch at three degrees of granularity: Coarse, medium and fine.

The results is dependant upon the finesse at which a user explores in order to find results within the collision of the frequency of the osscilators.

http://www.ole.wtf/files/gimgs/th-101_1 Lissajou Ole Nieling Exobroca.jpg
http://www.ole.wtf/files/gimgs/th-101_5 Lissajou Ole Nieling Exobroca.jpg
http://www.ole.wtf/files/gimgs/th-101_3 Lissajou exobroca Ole Nieling.jpg