Klang-Jagt is a former gas-opperated rifle turned arcade gun that has been stripped of all its firing mechanisms. Instead a parabolic microphone has been build inside that is activated by pulling the trigger.

With a range of 50 meters and a 3-9x40 proffesional scope for visual support, the rifle can be used to catch sounds from a far distance with pinpoint precision.

A daylight/infrared camera complimented with a mountable screen can be used to visualize the view through the scope.

With Klang Jagt comes suitable snipers attire in the shape of a Ghilly suit. This allows the user to capture of sound while remaining unseen when so desired.

Using a Boss rc505 looping station and 15W backpack speaker, sounds can be sampled, turned into beats and melodies to create a composition of noises from a far for a local audience.

Klang-jagt from Ole Nieling on Vimeo.

http://www.ole.wtf/files/gimgs/th-100_ole nieling exobroca klang-jagt 2.jpg
http://www.ole.wtf/files/gimgs/th-100_ole nieling exobroca klang-jagt 1.jpg