It is a jungle out there and it can be overwhelming.
The starting point for the work of Ole Nieling is the search for a more universal, calmer approach.
For the noise of everyday life he makes a counter noise.
Atmosphere is key in going back to a stress-less environment in space, sound and concept.
The border between sculpture and installation, sculpture and music, art as a concept and real life are a leading feature.

The work is best left on its own without the artist there to protect its right to existence. To achieve this it has to have a universal character and surpass a time bound culture. He admires such a notion and tempt to apply it to each work.

It focuses on elementary properties but not simply that of visual, conceptual and auditive art. Instead it concerns life itself, our relationship with nature as well. But it has no political agenda.
The artist should considers society as a structure that is alterable and challenge the concept that everything is just the way it is. The human as a playful creature plays a primary role in this.
Choices that are made regarding this subject matter may seem provocative but to shock an audience is never the initial intention.

Since his origin of ´making´ is in music he have been interested in the relationship between spacious structures and music. Where there is a sound there is interpretation of its source and recognition of characteristics that could give it a musical quality, the same goes for spacious work that might be interpreted as sculptures or architecture.
It is up to the observer and creator to take it and give it a natural environment where it can flourish.

Ole Nieling is not limited by material specialization or idealistic ethics and believes that everything has an aesthetic quality to it if you speak its language.